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This Weekend: New Episodes Of "sea Rescue" And "the Wildlife Docs"

This Weekend: New Episodes of "Sea Rescue" and "The Wildlife Docs" by Staff Catch new episodes view site... of Sea Rescue and The Wildlife Docs this weekend! On Sea Rescue, two harbor seals come into SeaWorld San Diego with terrible injuries and the team must work hard to nurse Sharky and Roxy back to health. Then, a little known phenomenon called natural seepage affects hundreds of seabirds and other marine life but fortunately, help is at hand. On The Wildlife Docs, Samantha, an older female chimp at Busch Gardens Tampa, must undergo medical treatment before she can celebrate her birthday. Then, the park?s animal experts are called to help with a mother bear and her two cubs. See how the team helps the bears and gives them a new start in life. Sea Rescue and The Wildlife Docs air nationally on ABC on Saturday mornings during ?Litton?s Weekend Adventure? and are among the most popular Saturday morning shows. They are part of the #1 rated block on Saturday mornings and are consistently rated #1 in the top ten U.S. markets including the four largest: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Philadelphia. Currently in its third season, Sea Rescue has been seen by more than 120 million viewers. Time is subject to change so be sure to check your local listings. For more information about Sea Rescue and The Wildlife Docs visit www.seaworldkids.com .
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